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If you have been charged with a Utica Cocaine Possession offense, you are facing serious charges and should hire a skilled Utica Cocaine Possession charge lawyer from Wise Laws, ASAP. Call today for a free legal consultation as when you have been arrested for a Utica Cocaine Possession crime, you might have many questions that need to be answered.

Utica Cocaine Possession

The crime of Utica Cocaine Possession an illegal controlled substance. The Possession of cocaine is punishable by both stated and federal laws. If a person is charged with cocaine possession, the courts will consider the amount of cocaine that you had in your hands, as the reason of cocaine possession, if you had intent to sell.

Utica Cocaine Possession with Intent to Sell

Possessing a large amount of cocaine in Utica may result in a charge of cocaine possession with intent to sell. Even if the person possessing the cocaine has no intention of selling or distributing, they are many times charged with cocaine intent to sell anyway, due to the fact of a larger quantity other than societal norms of personal consumption.This is a very serious charge and carries with it harsh punishments if convicted. Having an attorney can help to reduce these cocaine charges to possession in Utica, if the right approach is taken, so call us today.

Cocaine Distribution in Utica

Utica Cocaine distributing is a situation in which a cocaine manufacturer sells illegal narcotics to a retailer or wholesaler, which then sell the cocaine to other groups or individuals. Any accusation of Utica cocaine distributing or dispensing must be taken seriously, as the penalties associated with a Utica conviction are severe.

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