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Representing kidnapping cases in Sugar Land

Under both Federal and Sugar Land law, the charge of Sugar Land kidnapping is referred to as taking a person from place to another place against the persons own will, and or confining of an individual or individuals to a controlled space. There are some Sugar Land kidnapping laws and regulations that focus on the Sugar Land kidnapping for unlawful purposes, such as Sugar Land sex slavery and sweatshops, or for reasons of extortion or for the purpose of facilitating a Sugar Land criminal act. Parents without legal custody and can be charged with kidnapping in some cases.

The charge of abduction or kidnapping covers a wide range of acts. A clear-cut kidnapping for ransom is obviously abduction. An Sugar Land abduction charge may also result from an act as simple as two young lovers running off together, or a dispute between a custodial parent and a non-custodial parent. Often, prosecutors tack an abduction charge on to that for a Sugar Land sex crime, Sugar Land armed robbery, or other offense.

The many legal and factual issues involved in the charge of Sugar Land kidnapping can provide the basis for one or more defense strategies. If you choose the attorneys at Wise Laws, to represent you, the Sugar Land lawyers will examine these and other factors with the aim of building a strong and effective kidnapping legal defense.

Our defense lawyers in Sugar Land can discuss the kidnapping charges in Sugar Land, the nature of the evidence, and how a Sugar Land criminal attorney might be able to build a successful trial defense for you and your abduction and kidnapping case.

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