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Wise Laws has Schenectady defense attorneys on staff possessing a superior understanding of the complicated laws and issues applying to Schenectady Racketeer Influenced and Schenectady Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) litigation. We defend persons facing Schenectady racketeering charges in Schenectady.

Several of our Schenectady attorneys have worked previously as Schenectady prosecutors in various cities across Schenectady and have strategic insights of RICO trials, including the process of investigations, and how to defend those charged with racketeering.

Our background includes knowledge of and experience with:

  • Schenectady Racketeering
  • Schenectady Bribery and bribery-related cases, including sports bribery
  • Acts or threats involving Schenectady Murder, murder for hire or Kidnapping
  • Schenectady Gambling and transmission of gambling information
  • Schenectady Extortion
  • Schenectady Trafficking of Drugs or other controlled substances
  • Counterfeiting and money laundering in Schenectady
  • Restriction on payments and loans to labor organizations
  • Schenectady Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud and financial institution fraud
  • Unlawful reproduction of papers or procurement of citizenship or naturalization
  • False statements relating to the application, use, misuse or forgery of a passport, visas, permits or other documents
  • Obstruction of justice in Schenectady
  • Peonage, slavery or trafficking in persons in Schenectady

    Schenectady RICO Penalties

    The maximum penalties for a person charged as a Schenectady racketeer are stiff and may include up to 20 years time in Schenectady prison and enormous fines. In addition to this, forfeiture of the business, personal holdings and any monies accumulated from the criminal activity are usually to be expected in settlement. These cases do not end in criminal court, since they are often re-tried in civil courts where plaintiffs are permitted to bring actions resulting in triple damage awards.

    Government investigators are highly trained at uncovering racketeering schemes and will manipulate juries to believe that greed is the only factor - thus negating any sympathetic feeling from the jury. Once a Schenectady racketeering scheme is uncovered, inexperienced trial defense attorneys often miss critical sections in the law that might be applicable in specific situations. Wise Laws has a team of Schenectady attorneys experienced on all aspects of the Schenectady laws applicable to racketeering.

    Defense Strategies

    Wise Laws has a successful history of winning in RICO Schenectady defense cases and represents people facing Schenectady racketeering and other serious charges. The Schenectady attorneys at Wise Laws know the applicable laws and legislation, understand issues relating to judges, Schenectady prosecutors, Schenectady district attorneys and the technology used against in the defense of racketeering or Schenectady organized crime related charges.


    We have experience with the following types of RICO Schenectady litigation:

  • Legitimate business claims in Schenectady
  • Police misconduct in Schenectady
  • False accusations
  • RICO enforcement actions
  • Victim reliance conflicts
  • Dismissal actions

    Schenectady Racketeering charges in Schenectady are charges requiring an experienced team who understand the Schenectady laws and fight aggressively to win. Call the Schenectady RICO defense lawyers at Wise Laws today.

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