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Fort Smith Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

When you or a loved one get a spinal cord injury in Fort Smith, we highly recommend that you retain a Fort Smith spinal cord injury right away!

A Fort Smith spinal cord injury happens when a shocking event in Fort Smith causes damage to the cells within the spinal cord area or splits the nerve tracts that relay signals throughout the body. When a Fort Smith spinal cord or severe Fort Smith neck injury occurs, the precious area may lose feeling or the ability to purpose. At the Fort Smith wise laws, our team of Fort Smith spinal cord injury lawyers has helped Fort Smith spinal cord injury victims throughout the area obtain a max payment for your Fort Smith spinal injury. Certainly, we have alot of substantial verdicts and settlements to our credit. Contact a Fort Smith spinal cord injury lawyer to plan a free Fort Smith spinal injury consultation. We are enthusiastic to giving each of our Fort Smith spinal cord injury clients with the special attention they deserve.

Auto accidents in Fort Smith are the biggest cause of spinal cord injuries in Fort Smith, equating for 37% of all SCI. Fort Smith motorcycle and bicycle riders are especially susceptible to spinal cord injuries and other severe Fort Smith spinal injuries due to their experience and lack of external safety.

What is Fort Smith Spinal Cord Injury?

Fort Smith spinal cord injury is damage to the spinal cord resultant in a injury of motor and or sensory function. These causes can be trauma from an auto or truck accident in Fort Smith, falls such as from a Fort Smith construction site, Fort Smith gunshot wounds, etc; or diseases such as polio, spina bifida, degenerative diseases, etc. The spinal cord need not be severed in order to lose sensation or function. In fact, the spinal cord is intact in most people with loss of function from spinal cord injuries. A Fort Smith spinal cord injury is very diverse from back injuries such as broke disks or pinched nerves, for which there is current Fort Smith medical therapy.

Long term Fort Smith spinal cord treatment contains an penetrating program of Fort Smith spinal rehabilitation therapy. Continuing Fort Smith spinal injury treatment might incorporate nutritional management, Fort Smith occupational therapy, Fort Smith psychological counseling and careful monitoring by Fort Smith spinal cord physicians.

Consequences of Fort Smith Spinal Cord Injury

The results of a severe neck or spinal cord injury may spread beyond the clear physical impairments of Fort Smith accident. Acclimatizing to life with a disability often in a wheelchair is not simple. Fort Smith spinal injury victims commonly experience emotional pain and suffering and that is why having a Fort Smith spinal cord injury lawyer is important is helping produce the best outcome. Victims have very lawful concerns about how their spinal injury will touch their lifestyle, their money situation, and their social relationships. Weeping and emotional stress is common. The costs of Fort Smith spinal cord injury include:

  • Fort Smith Paraparesis
  • Fort Smith Paraplegia
  • Fort Smith Quadriparesis
  • Fort Smith Quadriplegia

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